Web and social media for market research

web and social for market analysis

One of the most interesting aspects coming from the integration of  web & social listening technologies with the quanti-qualitative  methodologies  for market analysis is the possibility to explore new research systems.

Lately, we have been often asked by our clients to utilise our tools and methodologies for the analysis of market trends to support companies in monitoring specific sectors and help them in sorting out of the continuously evolving consumers’ opinions.

Our researches, our focuses, our periodical reports are meant to filter the surplus of information provided by the internet in a surprising speed and to give the customers accurate and specific directions in order to adapt their decision making processes.


Our methodological framework is a combination of big data management proprietary algorithms, direct conversations listening, examination of the content circulation dynamics and of public opinion creation as well as content curation practices.

Searching among an unlimited number of online sources and listening to social conversations provide us with the necessary material to build quanti/qualitative analyses targeted to obtain a complete overview on market trends and consumers styles.

Thus, an analysis generating from online contents and covering real time consumers’ conversations on social platforms let us get consumers trends at their beginning, understand online consumers behaviours and probe the mood of clients and prospects.


Market Research is basically useful to better understand the world your business is living in.

Carrying out a research by a continuous and focused web and social monitoring will be especially beneficial for:

  • identifying innovative case histories able to detect emerging trends

  • collecting data and evidences useful in order to create charts for new market paths, new and consolidating trends or consumers tendencies

  • monitoring bloggers and influencers to get their opinions and grasp starting trends

  • understanding competitors and other crucial players position on the market through their actions and spontaneous releases

  • outlining consumers, mapping their opinions, habits, tendencies, imagination and reference values.

Here are some examples, real scenarios we have recently experienced:

An international consumer goods company requested a report dealing with how the big distribution is changing and what perception the competitors have about this changing to decide how and how much invest into this sector.

A bio cosmetics producer asked for a daily press review monitoring the most innovative campaigns and the most advanced web marketing tools to be updated, to get inspiration and to understand the context of their next digital strategy.

On behalf of a furniture and design european brand we constantly monitor its major competitors, their strategies, their new products and financial trends.

Whether you need complete and accurate reports or a periodic monitoring, or alerts by email, a Market Research can offer exact and prompt information helping brands to understand the evolution of a market niche, seize the day, find inspiration and put it into effect at its best.

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