How to improve your business mapping your network

Copia di strategic network map

It may sound banal, but networking is really one of the most precious resources in business: structuring a wide network of contacts, and doing it properly, is in fact a very useful practice.

Being at the centre of a good network gives different advantages:

  • new business opportunities

  • expertise, advices, ideas exchanges

  • new relations building

Moreover, knowing your own network, the people who compose it, their relations and their positions, gives you an enormous advantage when looking for a partnership, or deciding to intervene in a specific field.

But your network evolves constantly. That’s why monitoring your business network, or a specific network, with an operation of continuous internet tracking can be a good idea : you can decide to map all your first and second level contacts, the people moving, working and doing business around you, or otherwise all the players (personalities, professionists, companies, trade unions, associations or institutions) acting in a determined socio-economic field, or moving locally, on a specific territory.

Collecting informations published on official websites, professional databases, personal profiles and on social media you’ll gain a strategic map of the relations you’re involved in and of the relations people have around you, as they can be displayed and represented in their continuous changes. It is an assurance that permits you to anticipate and respond, to foster relationships, to move consciously in a certain environment.

What about always having at your disposal a map of the socio-political and economic development of a specific territory?

Wouldn’t be useful, before getting in touch or going into business with someone, to know her position in the net, her relations?

What we do at Cybion, when we create strategic network maps, is to build a complete and constantly updated visual representation of entities moving in a determined environment, and a private database which describes in the most accurate way possible, the connections between different people and organisations acting in the same field.

An effective visualisation of a business network

An effective visualisation of a business network

Our Monitoring Activities Director, Clément Bourrat describes the three-step method for map making we developed:

“For us, the first step is to identify the different actors involved in our customer business area. The second one is to create a biography for each actor, containing professional informations and many other interesting data gathered from different web sources. The third is, for each actor, to identify and visualise their relationships with other actors. Every new information our tools detect will be used to implement both single biographical profiles and the network visualisation”.

A strategic network map is a powerful tool that helps companies to have a better understanding of the market through a good knowing of key people and their network within the market itself.

Would you like to map your network? Contact us, we’ll help you know better people around you!