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CYBION merges two souls and doubles its services


Et voilà, we are back! We didn’t use these french words by chance: after some hard working and mysteriously silent months our Cybion Team is actively back online to show you its latest big news. Let’s go on in order.

It’s official now and we can proudly tell it: Cybion Italy and Cybion France (our counterpart in France which has been active in Online Business Intelligence training and strategic consultancy for years) merged in a single brand, CYBION, giving birth to a unique and solid group embedding their mutual expertise and offering more complete services.

–Since 1995 both the french and the italian teams cooperated by remote sharing their know how, participating to the same projects and developing new ideas. The cooperation has become advantageous by far and driven by the requests of a demanding and always concerned about any on and offline changes market, we decided to create an all in one entity able to exploit at their best the qualitative analysis skills from the french colleagues and our experience in web and social networks monitoring. Our services benefited most from this merger: one of the main goals we have lately reached is the improving and the adjustments to our monitorings made according to your needs.

We are ready to offer our researches not only using different formats but also in a much more exhaustive and detailed way. A quick look to our website or to the updated blog is enough to understand that what we count on the most areaiming at gathering and analysing information coming from all over the web: the official sources (company websites, press offices, news agencies), the news makers (magazines, newspapers and blogs) and the Social Networks.
Are you ready to explore the web with us? Follow us, then, and thanks to our Brand Reputation Monitoring we will help you to understand how your company or your products are valued, who your community is and how it is interacting online. Otherwise, do you need to know where your target market is going, which trend waves have to be ridden and the best strategies to launch a new product? This is exactly what our Market Analyses are for: offering real time updated information coming from any market sectors. Many french companies have already chosen our integrated services and we are ready to offer you tailored solutions. What are you waiting for?