Copia di strategic network map

How to improve your business mapping your network

It may sound banal, but networking is really one of the most precious resources in business: structuring a wide network of contacts, and doing it properly, is in fact a very useful practice. Being at the centre of a good network gives different advantages: new business opportunities expertise, advices, ideas exchanges new relations building Moreover, […]

web and social for market analysis

Web and social media for market research

One of the most interesting aspects coming from the integration of  web & social listening technologies with the quanti-qualitative  methodologies  for market analysis is the possibility to explore new research systems. Lately, we have been often asked by our clients to utilise our tools and methodologies for the analysis of market trends to support companies […]


Monitoraggio dei Social media, quanti tipi di analisi?

Chi utilizza i social media in maniera professionale, per ottenere ritorno di visibilità o di vendite, di contatti oppure di prestigio, non dovrebbe mai sottovalutare l’importanza delle metriche attraverso cui leggere quanto accade intorno a sé. Come primo step, un Brand che voglia imparare a leggere le conversazioni sui social media dovrebbe rispondere a una […]